Marketing Your Products’ Story With QR Codes

by 1 to 1 Media
qr codes

In a post for 1 to 1 Media, Cynthia Clark explains how to use QR codes to tell a product’s story.

Clark uses the example of Britain-based charity Oxfam, which is using technology to tell the story of the second-hand items sold in some of its stores.

“Using QR codes, Oxfam is creating a link between a product’s previous owner and its retail shoppers in an attempt to make the shopping experience more interesting and to sell more donated products,” she writes.

Clark says Oxfam has also developed an iPhone app, called Shelflife, which allows a person donating an item to immortalize its story.

This way, she says, Oxfam can share whether the item was an unwanted gift or a well-loved product that was simply outgrown.

“Social media is also a component in the experience,” she writes. “Every item has its own Twitter handle and whenever its tag is scanned or new information entered, it automatically sends a tweet to its followers, keeping the story alive.”

For more on QR codes, read Clark’s full post here.

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