Mark Suster on the Power of Pitching Yourself

by Both Sides of the Table
pitching VC

In a post for Both Sides of the Table, Mark Suster highlights the effectiveness of VC pitches that begin with the entrepreneur’s bio slide.

“By knowing the key members of the management team the VC firm can quickly identify strengths on your time and know whether you have some competitive advantage in your chose field relative to other people with whom you will compete,” he writes.

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Suster says this is especially important since 70% of the decisions of many VCs are based on the potential of the management team in one way, shape or form.

“I think that if you bring people to the meeting with you they should all have a role in the presentation. No ‘bag carriers.’” he writes.

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Suster says great CEOs can attract and retain great talent and a big part of that is being confident in your team.

“When I see a CEO who takes 90% of the minutes of a meeting I assume that as a leader that person probably doesn’t listen to others opinions as much as they should. Either that or he/she don’t trust his/her colleagues,” he writes.

“Let your team introduce themselves,” he concludes.

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