Marissa Mayer Says Goodbye to Google and Hello to Yahoo

by Xconomy

Marissa Mayer brings a hugely successful track record to a struggling rival. Yahoo hopes her commitment to innovation will carry over, and a speech she delivered at an entrepreneurship bootcamp last year may hold some clues to her management approach.

During her lengthy tenure at Google, Marissa Mayer was in charge of many of its most popular products, including Gmail, Maps, Images, and News. In an attempt to understand her thinking beyond product development, Wade Roush of Xconomy presents “a useful resource for anyone wondering what kind of CEO Mayer might be.”

That resource is a video he recorded of Mayer’s speech at Stanford University in April 2011. What makes it particularly salient to startup entrepreneurs is its topic: not a Google specific product, but rather “her own thinking on how to choose a career, how to build products, how to scale up a company, and how to keep employees happy.” Watch the video for insights into the approach and mentality Mayer will be bringing to the helm at Yahoo.