An Exec with Many Hats: Managing Your Multiple Startup Personalities

by Inc.

Often at a startup, CEO may as well stand for Chief Everything Officer. With so many roles and responsibilities it’s crucial to find efficient ways to remain not only productive, but also sane.

Overwhelmed by the length and breadth of your to-do list lately? Caroline Limpert, co-founder of FITiST feels your pain. In a recent guest post for Inc. she lists the roles she occupies in any given day, including, “customer service representative, marketing manager, VP of business development, sales associate, director of operations, chief technologist, human resources generalist, copywriter, and intern.” For starters.

Limpert argues it’s important to come to terms with the fact that you’re going to be overwhelmed. From there you can get busy prioritizing in the hopes of whittling down that to-do list of yours to something a little less encyclopedic in length. As crucial as maintaining a reasonable to-do list is, however, she also suggests it’s equally important to keep a “have-done” list handy that allows you even the briefest moments to relish and reflect on what you’ve accomplished, both big things and small. For more advice on how to juggle your many responsibilities, read the full post by Limpert.

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