Managing a Generational Divide within a Sales Team

Multiple generations of employees can pose distinct problems for sales managers tasked with keeping the entire sales team motivated and productive.

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Each generation will respond differently to sales coaching and management. Advice that may resonate with one generation may not stick with the whole — or any other generation for that matter. It can be a delicate matter, if you’re unprepared. But SalesGlobe has a few ideas to align all of the generations in your sales team. Here are some of the tips:

  • The first step is to identify all of the generations under your roof and understand their needs. The era an employee comes from will invariably coincide with their traits and habits.
  • Much can be learned from a trial and error approach. But you should try to limit your errors. Approach cautiously and see how your employees respond to your input.

Generation-specific issues will inevitability arise within your sales department. How you deal with them — and the effectiveness of your attempts — is going to be dictated by your preparedness. For more on managing multiple generations of salespeople, read the full article by SalesGlobe.

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