Making Decisions with Significant Consequences

by Harvard Business Review

When the stakes are raised, making a decision can seem like a task that is almost too daunting.

But great leaders are also typically great decision-makers. And for this reason, they’re usually the ones burdened with this duty. When you’re forced to make a decision that can change the course of a company, the best practices process you will use to reach that decision should become exponentially more involved. Still, things should never be overcomplicated.

To reach the right decision, you need to make sure that you’ve weighed every factor proportionately. Make sure you’ve consulted management teams at your company during your deliberation. Also, consider looking at the available thought leadership on the subject to aid you.

More importantly, once you reach a decision, you should remain open to other possibilities. This doesn’t mean that you should waffle or second-guess yourself. It just means that you should stay open-minded, while being ready to move forward with your determination. For more information on this subject, read the full article by Amy Gallo.