Making the Business Case for Scrum

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As an agile methodology, Scrum has been proven to help software development teams to ensure they are building and releasing products efficiently, but what are the larger business benefits to adopting the method?

“If you look at the best companies in the world, particularly those in the Fortune 100 that are software companies, you’ll find that they’re all very agile,” says Dr. Jeff Sutherland, CEO of Scrum Inc.

Dr. Sutherland sat down with OpenView to discuss he business case for Scrum, which he breaks down into the following three benefits it helps companies to accomplish:

  1. Produce better software faster
  2. Provide a better user experience
  3. Drive revenue

To learn more about making the business case for Scrum — highlighting how it drives better software and user satisfaction, and how that in turn drives revenue — watch this short video from OpenView Labs. And for another take on how agile development can help any company — not just a software developer — read this post from the OpenView Blog.