Make the Most out of your Sales Webinars

Devon-McDonald by

Perhaps I’ve been hiding under a rock, but last week I attended a GoToMeeting Webinar hosted by our portfolio company, Balihoo, and wow, has webinar technology evolved.

Program Manager Matt Borud, and VP of Marketing Shane Vaughan led the demo and they did a great job keeping the attendees engaged. How so?Through GoToMeeting’s technology they were able to run interactive polls that display the results in real time. Real time polls?! Genius. Not only are you keeping your presentation interactive for your audience, but you are gathering valuable information from your participants that you can use in your follow up conversations. 75% of Balihoo’s webinar attendees participated in the polls.

Additionally, after the webinar was complete, Balihoo was able to produce statistics from the presentation — Who stayed on the longest? Who was the first to drop off? Who had multiple browsers up on their computer screen (aka they weren’t paying full attention)? Who answered what in the poll… Amazing. Such a great way to prioritize and plan for your post-webinar conversations.

That being said, whenever your sales team is hosting a webinar, there are a number of things you must organize in addition to the deck you will be presenting. Here are some quick tips that OpenView Venture Partners‘ Managing Director Brian Zimmerman recommends to our expansion stage companies when it comes to a webinar follow up strategy:

  • The webinar host should let the attendees know at the end of the meeting that a rep will be following up with them in the upcoming day to see if they have any questions or would like to further explore the product/offering
  • An email should be sent out to all attendees within 24 hours of webinar
  • A call should be made to all attendees within 48 hours of the webinar

Make sure your reps are prepared with content and scripts for these post webinar follow ups — and of course use the data derived from the presentation to facilitate the conversations.

Webinars are an amazing opportunity to turn your prospects into qualified opportunities in your sales process. Don’t lose out because you weren’t buttoned up!