What Are They Thinking? A Look Inside Your Employees’ Minds

by Business Insider
employee development

In a post for the Business Insider, Jeff Haden reveals seven things your employees could be secretly thinking.

Haden says employee silence may keep you from understanding what your employees really think and what they really need from you. For example:

“Please don’t talk to me about your personal life.”

“Employees, especially new employees, have no interest in hearing about your go-to topics like your last vacation or your antique collection or your beach house,” he writes.

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“Can’t you see I’m really busy?”

“Employees want to talk to you, but they have work to do, too,” he writes.

He suggests helping out while you talk and never interrupting an employee who is busy simply because today you’ve decided to “check in with the troops.”

“I can tell you really don’t care about my personal life.”

Haden says to either take the time to get to know your employees well enough so you can have a decent conversation or just stick to work-related subjects.

“The single best way to show you care is to listen,” he writes.

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What else is going on inside the minds of your employees? For more insights, read Haden’s full post here.