Link Building: Your Alternative to Content Marketing

by SEOmoz

Learn how link building still works to gain traction online without investing in content creation.

Rand Fishkin, co-founder and CEO of SEOMoz, offers a video guide to “staying competitive without needing to invest in content” by instead concentrating on link building.

Fishkin says that in an earlier video, he discussed how the concept of “link earning” through compelling content was going to replace the tactic of “link building” to gain more traction in search results. After revisiting it, however, he feels that link building is still a worthwhile route to take for those without the budget to invest in content creation. He points to “relationships, reputation, and worth of mouth” as one way to still generate links without focusing on creating content, as well as “phenomenal advertising,” which drives “a lot of awareness and attention” offline which can translate to links online.

Fishkin also points to “inherently viral products” and “community building and engagement” as great avenues for link building without a content budget.