6 Steps for Getting the Most out of Customer Feedback

by 1to1 Blog

Improving customer experience doesn’t just mean gathering customer feedback — you also have to put that feedback to good use.

“As Lonnie Mayne, Mindshare‘s chief experience officer, puts it,” writes Cynthia Clark for the The 1to1 Blog. “Unless organizations use the insights to take action, it’s just data.” Based on Mayne’s advice, Clark provides six steps companies should follow to get the best insights from their customers and improve the experience they deliver.

In addition to making it as easy as possible for customers to give their feedback in the first place, Clark recommends companies gather feedback from different sources, treat each customer’s experience differently, and, perhaps most importantly, let customers know what action they’ve taken based on their feedback. Read Clark’s full post for more tips on the best ways to leverage customer feedback.

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