Learning how to Speak to Your Audience

by Chris Brogan

You’ll never fail if you’re genuine when you communicate.

Tony Kahn, a legend in public radio, gave the following advice (paraphrased) to guide those who are interested in walking this path:

When I speak, I speak as if I’m talking to someone I love very dearly, and I am telling them something of great importance. I want them to hear it from me, be it good or bad. And when you hear me, that’s what you hear: me telling someone I love, something very important.

As you speak to your audience, understand that your speech is a very personal experience for them. Although you’re addressing multiple people, often times, they’re receiving it very directly. It’s important to pay attention to this point by showing your audience that you’re aware of this.

Show people that you’re interested in connecting with them and they’ll likely be interested in connecting with you.