Learn the Keys to Collaborative Leadership

by Strategy+Business

collaborative leadershipThe world’s traditional boundaries may be collapsing in the face of the web, but collaborative leadership still requires a skilled hand in the digital age. Learn the key behaviors needed.

Writers Zachary Tumin and William Bratton introduce an excerpt of the book The Collaboration Imperative: Executive Strategies for Unlocking Your Organization’s True Potential on Strategy+Business. Collaborative leadership, Tumin and Bratton write, is more prevalent than ever before, but although technology “can take out the friction” of collaboration, “there are still plenty of big collaborative failures.”

Tumin and Bratton point to The Collaboration Imperative as a text that “explains the key behaviors” that collaborative leadership “must exhibit.” The two writers give the book a full endorsement, going so far as to proclaim that “every leader looking to unpack the riddle of collaboration and chart a sure path forward should read it.”