Learn How to Scale from Startup Success Stories: Akamai

by Fortune

startup success storiesEntrepreneurs are pioneers, but studying the startup success stories of those businesses that blazed trails ahead of you provides invaluable insight into how to scale as your company grows.

Entrepreneur and Flybridge Capital general partner Jeffrey Bussgang knows how hard it can be to scale startups. To help guide other entrepreneurs, Bussgang highlights startup success stories from the past 10 to 15 years, focusing on companies “that have made the transition from finding initial product-market fit to building a large, scalable, platform company.” Bussgang starts with content delivery network Akamai and commends the company for pursuing “a very big idea” with “lean principles in the sense of hypothesis-testing and avoiding waste.” From idea to product to platform, Akamai stands as a prime example of startup success stories – see what you can take away from Bussgang’s analysis.