Lean Design Is In, Thanks to Lean Startups

by Smashing Magazine

Lean design is making it big due to the influence and popularity of the lean startup movement.

lean design

Tomer Sharon, User Experience Designer at Google and cofounder of leanUXmachine, writes in Smashing Magazine that the lean design aesthetic is now mainstream thanks to the lean startup movement, and it’s having a profound impact on user experience.

Entrepreneurs and startup founders want to develop great products, but for too long, user experience designers “have been giving disastrous jargon” like “usability tests, personas, field studies, and areas of interest in eye-tracking studies.” Now, terms like contextual inquiry have been replaced by “getting out of the building.” Lean design, similar to lean startups, relies on user testing to prove or disprove a current design, and it’s encapsulated in the “Think-Make-Check” user experience cycle. The lean startup movement “talks about the same things” that lean design user experience experts “have talked about for decades.” The only difference is “that people are now listening.”