Lean and Mean: How to Build Your Minimum Viable Product

by TechCrunch

Startups are no stranger to limited resources and tight development deadlines. Stop stretching your company so thin developing the dream and concentrate on bringing a minimum viable product to market.

Emre Sokullu, the founder and chief architect of the pioneering social mashup software GROU.PS, outlines some best practices in minimum viable product development in this guest post for Techcrunch. Drawing on his own experiences, he covers shortcuts in attracting members, scaling development and hardware, and streamlining the design process.

Sokullu lays out the results of focusing on minimum viable product plainly enough: his software was created in a matter of weeks. The latest, LoveBucks, wrapped development in just 2 weeks and features a database that scaled seamlessly from 0 to 45,000 users “without a hiccup.” How did he build such a flexible product so quickly? Sokullu relies on the “cloud and minimum viable product best practices.”