Metrics for Evaluating International Markets

When international opportunities come knocking, how do you know which opportunities are worth chasing and which aren’t? Here are the metrics you need to make a confident decision.

Metrics for Evaluating International Markets | OpenView Labs

Many expansion-stage companies consider entering new international markets at some point or another during their journey. Typically, the initial thoughts begin when a company starts seeing its first high-quality opportunities coming in from abroad or they close their first international deal. This is an exciting moment because the international market(s) feel within reach, but it is also a very scary one, since the investment requirements can be very intimidating for a young and typically capital-strapped company.


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Considering Going International? 10 Tips for Success

Your plans for global domination will be much more likely to work if you take into account these 10 tips to help you look before you leap.

10 International Expansion Strategy Best Practices | OpenView Labs

Over the last few months, I’ve spoken with business development experts at some of the fastest growing and most established B2B software companies in the world to learn about best practices for entering new international markets. From these conversations, I have put together a list of 10 best practices for startup or expansion-stage companies to consider as they start thinking about building an international expansion strategy.


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Want to Create a Successful Business? Stop Trying to Be a Swiss Army Knife

Trying to be everything for everyone is a recipe for failure. Learn how focusing on a smaller niche customer segment can yield bigger results.

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When I first started managing lead generation initiatives for the B2B technology companies in OpenView’s portfolio years ago, my expectation (or hope) was that every program we implemented would turn out to be a wild success. But, like many things, it didn’t always work out that way. Some excelled in creating a healthy pipeline of highly qualified leads for the business, others struggled to ever truly develop into a revenue driving machine.

While there were many reasons for those successes or struggles, I began to notice one common trend shared by the most prosperous sales and marketing teams: they were laser focused on the handful of segments and buyers that they were most confident they could win.


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Create the Perfect Value Proposition

There’s no better roadmap for a business than a perfect value proposition.


Who are you? What do you do? Why do people like you? These aren’t just the questions you ponder existentially in the middle of the night. They’re right at home in the business world and can help guide you during tough times or make the right decisions day in and day out. Peter J Thomson has created a tool to help you come up with the perfect value proposition and he explains how to use it in this post on his blog.


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Shaping 2015 B2B Strategies Starts Now

If you’re not already planning your 2015 B2B strategies, you’ll soon be behind the competition.


How could it already be time to start thinking about the New Year? Not only has football barely gotten started, but you’ve only brainstormed a few less-than-decent Halloween costumes so far. Well, when it comes to 2015 B2B strategies, time is already of the essence. Luckily, Jessica Lillian is here to share 8 trends that are already starting to shape next year in this post on the Sirius Decisions blog.

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Increase Customer Referrals In One Mind-Blowingly Simple Step

Generating customer referrals is easier than you ever imagined.

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It’s true that your current best customers beget the next generation of your best customers. While you’re plenty happy with all the new users you gain from customer referrals, it sure would be nice if the offspring were produced at a rabbit-like pace. Well, the process doesn’t have to be as organic as you might think, as David Mitzenmacher explains in this post at Gainsight.

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Deciding How Your Seed Round Should Be Set Up

When investors come calling, it’s not a bad idea to consider the avenues you want your seed round to come from.

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It seems like it takes an eternity, but when that first phone call from an investor comes in, it generally opens up the floodgates. Before you know it you could very well be drowning in offers. It’s easy to be overwhelmed if you’ve never done it before, so Rob Go walks you through how aligning your seed round can affect your future in this post at NextView Ventures.

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