6 Ways to Promote Leadership Growth From Within Your Business

If your company is going to take the next step you’ll need to encourage leadership growth from within.

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Who are the best people to lead your company as it continues to grow? Time will ultimately tell, but the best bets are probably already on your staff. They just require a little nurturing from you. Encouraging leadership growth among your existing employees not only excites them and creates a strong culture, but it ensures your next generation of leadership will be all the more invested in the organizations success, as Ryan O’Connell explains in this article at LinkedIn.

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8 Insights for First Time CEOs

Mastering your role as a first time CEO is something that can only be done on the job. But you can still pick up pointers here and there. 


If you feel like you’re on an island as a first time CEO, that’s pretty much because you are. Sure your entire team is there for you day in and day out, but in the end, it all lands on your shoulders. The path you travel is yours and yours alone, but Vance Loiselle has seen a similar one and he’s here to offer his takeaways in a post at Entrepreneur.

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Agile Lessons from the Most Innovative Team in World Cup History

How one of the most dominant soccer dynasties in history laid the agile blueprint for how you should build and manage your team.

Agile Management Lessons from Soccer's Most Innovative Dynasty In the history of soccer, there have been few teams as remarkably innovative and as relentlessly productive as the Dutch club Ajax in the late ’60s and early ’70s, and, subsequently, the Netherlands World Cup national team of 1974.


Declaration of Independence: 8 Entrepreneurs Who Left Big Corporate Jobs for Startups

While a big corner office and a fancy title at a Fortune 500 company might sound nice, the truth is that some people just aren’t cut out for corporate life. Here are eight entrepreneurs who left corporate jobs for startups.

8 Entrepreneurs Who Left Corporate Jobs for Startups | OpenView Labs

On this day 238 years ago, a band of revolutionaries signed a document informing Great Britain that its 13 colonies would no longer be needing the services of the British Empire. From that day forward, those 13 newly sovereign states would instead opt for the risk (and potentially enormous reward) of forging their own path and creating their own nation.

Sound familiar?

Many of us dream of it — leaving the relative safety and comfort of a corporate gig for the freedom and exhilaration of a startup — but when it comes down to it, few are actually willing to put their chips on the table and go all in.


Discover 2014’s Most Powerful Women in Tech

With much of the industry still harboring a boys-club atmosphere, the most powerful women in tech continue to blaze a trail.


That 18 of Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women come from the tech sector is a testament to the work women across the industry are executing.  There is certainly still work to be done, but the progress is encouraging. In this post at Forbes, Zheyan Ni breaks down the accomplishments of the most powerful women in tech.

As Ni illustrates, these women include founders of upstart young companies and board members of some of the most powerful organizations in the world. Click through to learn more and become inspired.

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Offer Outstanding Customer Service with Tips from the Best in the Biz

Nothing builds loyalty like an excellent experience. Following lessons from Amazon, Zappos and others, you too can offer excellent customer service. 

Offer Outstanding Customer Service with Tips from the Best in the Biz

Offer Outstanding Customer Service with Tips from the Best in the Biz

It’s one thing to know that happy customers are a key to your success, says Ciotti. But it’s another thing altogether to do more than simply pay lip service to that knowledge. Learn why Zappos isn’t concerned with turnaround time, the Ritz-Carlton plans for mishaps and LLBean doesn’t care about being fancy to improve your own customers’ experience.

If you look at the leaders across almost every industry, you’ll see that they’re commitment to customers is second to none…and often miles ahead of priority #2. In this post at Entrepreneur.com Gregory Ciotti shows how you can offer excellent customer service by following the examples of companies like LL Bean and others.

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Entrepreneurs Understanding Sales Is Critical For Company Success

When it comes to entrepreneurs understanding sales, far too many fall short. That mistake can drag their business down. 

Entrepreneurs Understanding Sales Is Critical For Company Success

Entrepreneurs Understanding Sales Is Critical For Company Success

As the leader of your organization, you’ve got to be on the frontlines when it comes to acquiring new customers, especially as your business is just getting off the ground. So why are so many entrepreneurs willing to hand off sales all too easily? As John Jantsch explains in this post at Inc., entrepreneurs understanding sales and how they can contribute is an essential part of their role.

It’s not all about picking up the phone and getting deals signed, says Jantsch. Entrepreneurs need to know how the messaging pushing whole organization is framed and understand why customers actually purchase your product.

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Tales from the Crypt: 13 Unlucky Tales of Failed Startups (& How You Can Avoid Their Fate)

This Friday the 13th we’re bringing you 13 cautionary tales of promising tech companies that met untimely ends.

Tales from the Crypt: 13 Lessons from Startup Failures | OpenView Labs

Most entrepreneurs don’t need a reminder that only a handful of startup dreams actually come to fruition. They’re very familiar with the stats (that 75% of venture-backed startups never make it out of the expansion-stage, let alone to the point of an acquisition or IPO). Whether that failure is due to bad decisions, unpredictable market changes, or just a little bit of bad luck, the end result is the same — a once promising idea sputters into the startup graveyard.

What is useful is a reminder that these figures and the failures that spawn them are in fact useful learning opportunities. With that in mind, below are 13 particularly infamous startups that shot for the stars but ultimately crashed and burned, and the key lessons that can help you avoid their fates.