Discover Scaling Mistakes Before they Happen

By undergoing a simple exercise before you roll out your proposed plan, you can sidestep some scaling mistakes.

Discover Scaling Mistakes Before they Happen

Whenever you’re about to launch a big initiative, be it scaling up or rolling out a new product, it’s essentially a roll of the dice, right? Well, what if it isn’t? What if you could, with far more accuracy, predict exactly what those dice will show when they stop rolling? Turns out you can actually avoid many scaling mistakes with one simple exercise, which Michael Pena describes in this post at Stanford Technology Ventures Program.

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How CEOs Who Code Have Become More than Just a Myth

Don’t let your first love fall by the wayside. With some careful planning and commitment, CEOs who code, can thrive.

How CEOs Who Code Have Become More than Just a Myth

If you find yourself leading a business that was once your very own brainchild, your day-to-day looks a lot different than it did when things were just getting off the ground. Back then, you were committed to making your vision work by putting in hour after hour of coding. Now? Well, there are other things that need doing. CEOs who code might not be the norm, but they’re not unheard of, and Fredric Paul explains how you can keep up with your passion in this post at New Relic.

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Your Problem Solving is Killing Your Growth

Leadership and growth strategy expert Kirk Dando shares three steps to transition from reactive problem solving to proactive problem predicting.

Stop Problem Solving and Start Problem Predicting | OpenView Labs

When leaders and managers look to hire good problem-solvers, they unknowingly destroy the future growth and success of their company.

Here’s why: Problem-solvers make companies work, problem-predictors make companies grow.


Valuable Lessons For a First Time CEO

If you’re about to embark upon the journey of a first time CEO, it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into.

Valuable Lessons For a First Time CEO

It turns out that leading a company is a lot different than simply being a part of a leadership group. For a first time CEO, it might not seem like that big of a jump…until you’re suspended in the air with no landing in sight. Nathan Beckford admits he was surprised at all that lay ahead of him, but shares lessons from his first year in this post at OnStartups.

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Founder’s Corner: HubSpot Co-Founder Brian Halligan’s Secrets to Staying Motivated During the Long Startup Haul

What does it take to stay motivated through the ups and downs of building a fast-growing company in tech? In this edition of The Founder’s Corner, HubSpot‘s co-founder Brian Halligan shares the challenges the company has faced and what keeps him inspired on a daily basis.

Brian Halligan

Since its founding in 2006, HubSpot has become one of the fastest growing companies in tech. But for co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, the journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Not least of which was the task of raising awareness for inbound marketing and encouraging businesses to transform the way they approached marketing. In this interview with OpenView, Halligan shares how HubSpot took the world by storm by doing what it does best: leveraging inbound marketing for massive growth.


A Founder’s #1 Job (Don’t Even Think about Leveraging Customer Data Until You Do This)

Businesses today have an incredible asset at their fingertips — customer data. But as UnboundID CEO Steve Shoaff explains below, in order to properly leverage it founders need to do one thing first. 

A Founder's #1 Job: Earning Customer Trust

Many businesses today say that customers are the center of their universe and the key to their business value. Yet, not all companies actually back those statements up by developing their IT systems in ways that put their customers’ interests first, says UnboundID founder and CEO Steve Shoaff.


What To Watch With Apple’s New CFO

As Apple’s new CFO prepares to take over, there will be plenty you can learn by monitoring his first few months.

What To Watch With Apple’s New CFO

When a company as influential as Apple makes a major change to its senior leadership, it raises everyone’s attention. With Luca Maestri set to takeover control of their finances, it will be interesting to monitor what issues he chooses to focus on. There will also be plenty to learn about onboarding new senior leadership from Apple’s new CFO, as you’ll discover in this post at CEB.


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3 Harsh Truths About Building Your Founding Team

Building a cohesive founding team is never as easy as it seems. In this week’s installment of “Founder’s Corner,” Instructure CEO Josh Coates shares three hard truths founders need to accept if they’re focused on putting together the right group for the long haul.

Josh Coates 3 Harsh Truth

In the startup world, early success is often dictated by the first group you assemble to execute your vision and share your passion. If you’re able to hire talented people with the right combination of skills and cultural characteristics, the process of building and growing your company will likely happen more quickly and efficiently. If you hire the wrong people, it can spell disaster.

In the interview below, Instructure CEO Josh Coates reveals three key lessons about building a startup team and urges founders to remember that the handful of people you hire initially may not be the same people who lead the business to the next level down the road.