Leadership Lessons Students Won’t Find in Business School

by Inc.

leadership lessonsSome of the best leadership lessons are born from running businesses, not attending classes.

Jeff Haden of Inc. stresses that some of the best leadership lessons entrepreneurs can learn don’t come from business school. “The best leadership lessons are ones I learned the hard way,” Haden writes. To start with, he makes clear that although data plays a big part in your company’s daily operations, don’t forget that if you “make an employee feel stupid or embarrass him in front of other people,” then “he will never forget” that moment and your relationship is forever tarnished.

“Presentations are a terrible way to share great ideas,” Haden warns, and along the same vein, don’t force employees who come up with great ideas to then always have to carry them out. You end up overloading your best and brightest. Check out the complete list of real leadership lessons and skip the platitudes you’ve heard before.