Leadership Lessons from the SF Giants

by Inc.

Read seven leadership lessons for startups taken from an unlikely source: the World Series champions.

leadership lessons

Brian Evje, management consultant at Slalom Consulting, writes in Inc. that businesses can learn seven leadership lessons from the San Francisco Giants’ 2012 World Series victory.

Evje starts by declaring that it’s important to “listen to and encourage unfamiliar voices,” citing the Giants’ outfielder Hunter Pence’s rousing speech when the team was behind two games in a best-of-five playoff series. Next, Evje points to Giants manager as proof that “a charismatic leader is not required,” since manager Bruce Bochy “is about as laconic as they come.” Evje writes that the Giants were able to change their culture following the retirement of superstar slugger Barry Bonds, and that they needed to regroup and bounce back following the departure of key players during the season. Both of these events are leadership lessons that are easy applicable in the world of startups, where talent comes and goes and companies often need to shift focus to survive.