Lead Qualification Tips: How Do You Assess the Quality of a Lead?

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Lead qualification is all about separating the wheat from the chaff, but what are the most important factors lead qualifiers should use to assess leads?

For John Barrows, Co-owner and Managing Partner of Kensei Partners, it comes down to two questions: Is the lead a good fit within your company’s target market? And if so, is it someone above or below the power line?

“There’s a power line for every organization,” Barrows says. “Beneath the power line are people who don’t make decisions. They say no all day long, but they can never say yes. People above the power line, those are the people who make decisions, and they’re also the ones we can have better conversations with.” Above the power line your discussions can center around vision and value. Below the power line you’re going to be stuck talking about bits and bites, speeds and feeds.

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