The Characteristics You Need to Look for in a Lead Generation Rep

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Hiring managers: These are the top qualities the best lead generation reps all share.

It’s true that the lead generation role isn’t for everyone, but how do you make sure you’re adding the right people to your team? As Director of Sales and Marketing Support for OpenView, Devon McDonald has advised many companies on filling the job and knows the top lead generation rep qualities you should be looking for.

Because lead generation is so focused on metrics and reaching a goal, McDonald says you should be searching for people who will thrive on that competition and use it as fuel to achieve their goals. On the opposite side of that coin, they should not be easily dismayed or deterred from achieving those goals. Listen as she explains the reasons behind these traits then download the new eBook from OpenView, Get More Customers! How to Build an Outbound B2B Lead Generation Team that Drives Sales.

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Photo by: Nan Palmero