See the Whole Picture: The Lead Generation Metrics You Should Really Be Studying

by Inbound Sales Network

lead generation metricsLearn the lead generation metrics you need to study to get the complete picture of your sales cycle – and how to get more customers through it.

Andrew Hunt, founder of Inbound Sales Network, writes that when it comes to lead generation metrics, most Chief Marketing Officers are “looking at the wrong numbers.” Hunt explains that “too many companies are only looking at the metrics for the Top of the Funnel,” concentrating on “such numbers as traffic, fans, and followers.” Instead, Hunt recommends taking a look at the complete sales cycle and focusing on lead generation metrics that “reflect the success of moving prospects through” it. Hunt calls these metrics the Middle of the Funnel, and includes active database growth, email open, email click rates, and website conversion as examples. However, Hunt cautions that not even the Middle of the Funnel provides a complete picture, and marketing must also monitor the direct sales from those leads.