Landing the Big One: Startup Sales Tips for Signing Corporate Customers

by Inc.

For startup companies, breaking through to larger clients can be one of the most difficult challanges. The good news: landing even just one major corporate company can tip the scales in your favor.

“Large companies are famously risk-averse, and few will take a chance on an unknown” writes Minda Zetlin, co-author of The Geek Gap. It’s very hard to make inroads unless you can point to proven success. The result can appear to be a frustrating dilemma: To sign up large corporate clients you first need to sign up a large corporate client.

In an article for Inc. Zetlin uses the example of Josh Green and his company Panjiva to demonstrate that there are in fact ways around this problem, but for starters you need to know the best ways to reach out and network with key individuals. For more on breaking through to top-level clients and making that first big sale, read the full post here.

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