Keys to Fostering a Culture of Innovation

How do you build innovation into the very fabric of your company?

“If you are trying to transform your company or your industry you likely need to bring in at least a handful of outsiders who will look at the world in new ways,” suggests Scott Anthony, managing director at innovation consulting firm Innosight. In the third part of a series on innovation for Fast Company, Anthony argues that those outsiders should have four components that make up their innovator DNA: they should be questioning, they should be observers and networkers, and they should experiment.

But once you’ve identified and/or hired your company’s innovators, how do you ensure they’re motivated and enabled? “The key is to thoughtfully blend the unique rewards at their disposal with a failure-tolerant culture,” writes Anthony. “The most successful businesses come out of a process of trial-and-error experimentation. Failure and false steps are natural parts of that process.” For more on fostering a culture of innovation at your company, read Anthony’s post here.

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