Key Qualities of the Best PR People

by Francis Moran

In two posts for, Linda Forrest looks at the ways PR practitioners can annoy journalists they’re trying to pitch, while offering remedies to those and tips for getting your story picked up. (See ‘Dinosaur’ Media is Looking for You)

“It’s ironic that many of the issues come down to a failure to implement the fundamentals of successful communication,” Forrest writes of how PR practitioners annoy journalists.

In her post, Forrest breaks down several of the top ways to get on a reporter’s bad side.

Not following through

“Be responsive,” Forrest writes. “Provide the media with what they need to cover your company.” Forrest says that PR practitioners need to know the preferred method communication to pitch and remain in contact with reporters.


Forrest says there’s a difference between being persistent and annoying. If they say, no ask what kind of stories the reporter is looking for.

Sending big attachments

Have an online repository of downloadable high-resolution images, links to videos, and provide these upfront instead of overloading your emails.

The takeaway from these things to avoid, Forrest says, is that PR people need to be flexible and able to multi-task.

“Be informed. Be ethical. Be a good writer. Exhibit patience,” Forrest advises. Pitchmen should understand the importance of understanding individual journalists, beats, styles, and communication methods. (See Melding Social Media with PR)

For more of what makes a good PR professional, read Forrest’s full post here. For Forrest’s post on how PR flacks annoy journalists, visit the Francis Moran post here.