Keep Your Leadership Style Focused on Your Core Product

by Fast Company

Your leadership style will shape development, so be sure to always keep a sharp focus on your core product.

leadership style

Okta CEO Todd McKinnon asks readers in his new post at Fast Company whether their leadership style is “more inclined to encourage growth in all directions” or just “the most important initiatives.” Although McKinnon concedes that “everybody likes to hear ‘yes,'” as a startup CEO, he finds that “it’s equally important to learn how to say ‘no’ in order to keep teams focused, functional, and productive.”

Since startup CEOs will have limited resources to allocate to different projects, “finding that middle ground can be among the most difficult, but important, lessons to learn” when defining your leadership style. McKinnon recommends keeping “a healthy dose of curiosity” when it comes to opportunities outside of your main focus, “but startup CEOs can’t lose sight of their core product.”