Jealous of the Little Guy: Why Corporations Envy Startups and Small Businesses

by Inc.

Sure, you want your company to succeed and grow as quickly as possible. After all, you’ve got territory to take over and giants to kill.

But before you start dreaming of taking their place, “take a step back and think about the advantages you have,” advise Karl Stark and Bill Stewart, Managing Directors and co-founders of strategic advisory firm Avondale. “You may discover that your much larger corporate neighbor actually wants to become more like you.”

In a guest post for Inc. Stark and Stewart offer four advantages smaller companies have over their large corporate counterparts, including nimbleness, lower cost structures, and a propensity to throw caution to the wind and take a leap (or at least a well-analyzed and planned leap). The giants may have the biggest castles, but the moat works both ways, and there’s a good deal of freedom for startups to enjoy on the outside. For more on the advantages small companies have over large corporations, read the full article here.

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