Is Your Intellectual Property Safe?

Josh Z by Venture Beat

As an early stage technology company, intellectual property can be your greatest asset.

After all, it’s a keystone that gives you competitive advantage in the market, protects against potential imposters, and makes you financially appealing to investors. That’s why, according to Rob Marano, president and CEO of InDorse Technologies, it’s also something that cybercriminals are increasingly trying to steal.

In an article for VentureBeat, Marano cites a 2011 Verizon data breach report that revealed that sophisticated hackers are increasingly targeting companies with 1 to 100 employees, hunting down sensitive company data and putting IP in serious danger. And if those cybercriminals manage to steal that data, Marano writes, it not only threatens your credibility and competitive edge, it also jeopardizes your company’s financial viability.

So how can you protect against IP theft? Marano suggests these four tactics:

  • Think of security early and often
  • Identify sensitive information and determine how to protect it
  • Establish policies and protocols to monitor employee’s consumer devices and social networking
  • Protect files, in addition to systems

In his post, titled “4 Surefire Ways to Protect Your IP,” Marano explains each bullet point in greater detail. For more details, check out the full post.