Is Social Media Sometimes AntiSocial Media?

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Daniel Burstein has a great post about how social media can sometimes be antisocial.

Content management marketing done wrong can also be antisocial. Content marketing done right is all about a content marketing strategy aimed at what your target audience wants to hear about and engage in. If you successfully execute this strategy, you will most likely grow your network in a healthy way and most likely increase your sales opportunities at some point. If this is not your content marketing strategy or you don’t execute well, then you might increase your followers but your network is unlikely to be a healthy one and you may actually reduce your long term sales opportunities.

Dan points out that Pear Analytics estimates that 40% of tweets are pointless babble. Are you engaging in antisocial behavior online? What percentage of your social media marketing or content management marketing is pointless babble vs. content that your target audience truly enjoys consuming and engaging in?