Is It Ever Wise to “Blow Up” a Sales Relationship?

by The Sales Blog
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In a post for the Sales Blog, S. Anthony Iannarino explains the reasoning behind “blowing up” a relationship to advance an opportunity.

“You are working within your dream client’s company, and you have found a power sponsor to coach you and forward your case. So far, so good. But as you work together, over time you discover that you need another contact within the organization in order to win an opportunity.”

Iannarino says that in most cases a thoughtful approach is better than going forward half-cocked.

“For me, blowing up the relationship would a measure of the very last resort, not a first—or even a second—option,” he writes. “Fortunately, it is rare that you should have to blow up a relationship.”

First, he says, you should understand their resistance to letting you go.

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For more on business etiquette and ethics when dealing with sales relationships, read Iannarino’s full post here.