Is a Tech Biz Bubble on the Horizon?

by Scribbal

Similar to the dot-com bubble more than decade ago, the tech industry may have substantial growth in its future.

Following the economic recession, a tech biz resurgence ensued. Investors that recognize the potential in finding the next Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, are now looking for the next big thing.

Social media may be at the top of many venture capital firms’ lists. But a lot of other companies are getting second glances, too. In general, venture capital investments have been [almost] steadily increasing since 2009. Although the current numbers are still behind the pre-recession figures, they are trending upward. In this regard, there is room for growth.

Whether or not the tech industry will see significant investment increases in the coming years is still uncertain. But as the dot-com bubble proved, it’s quite possible. For an infographic on the tech biz bubble, read the full article by Mariel Loveland.