IntroMojo: The Newest Research Tool for Sales Pros

Devon-McDonald by

I’m always on the hunt for new tools that can optimize expansion stage business’ lead generation services, so when I read Paul McCord’s blog post today about IntroMojo, I was instantly intrigued. In previous posts about must-have sales tools, I have recommended other aggregate sites such as, but IntroMojo takes online data gathering to a whole new level.

Here’s the scoop: IntroMojo claims to have 50,000,000 profiles loaded in their database. For just $25/month, customers (aka data-hungry sales people) can enter a prospect’s name into the engine and extract information about this particular person from sources ALL over the web: LinkedIn, Twitter, ZoomInfo, Bing, Google, Flickr, YouTube, companies’ websites, etc — you name it. The IntroMojo management team aims to pull data from 5,000 sites, and all of this data is compiled onto one very digestible page.

So what happens if you are a paying customer and the lead you are looking for isn’t in their database of 50 mil professionals? IntroMojo’s solution: Shoot the team an email with the person’s name/company and they will build an extensive profile of this individual within a few hours. Now that’s customer service!

I perused IntroMojo’s site, and I’m quite impressed with the list of top sales professionals that have outstanding things to say about the tool — influence marketing at it’s finest and a sign of a very forward-thinking company. Anthony Iannarino, one of my favorite sales bloggers, is quoted on their “guru” board singing the tool’s praises, and he even wrote a blog post on his own site, The Sales Blog.

“The Internet has changed prospecting forever. Information is abundant and everywhere,” Anthony says. “Lots of sites have one or two pieces of information. Personally, I hate having to search more than one site, bouncing from Jigsaw to LinkedIn, etc. What I love about Dan and his team has done is that it compiles data from hundreds of services and rolls it up into one screen they call a dossier. You can save the file as a PDF, and I promise you will have all kinds of surprising information at your fingertips when you call on your dream client.”

The more data you have about a prospect before you give them a call for the first time, the better your chances of converting that lead into a legitimate opportunity — that is the concept behind knowledge-based selling. Doing your research prior to a call (in a time efficient manner) is what will truly differentiate a sales person from his/her competitors. IntroMojo is a no-brainer, and I look forward to recommending this tool to the sales teams that I work with moving forward. 

Check out their site, and sign up for a free trial — let me know what you think. Is IntroMojo the next big thing???