Interviewing Alternatives: Fix a Broken Hiring Process

by Inc.

Stop investing so much time in an outmoded hiring practice and consider interviewing alternatives. On-the-job performance is the only way to truly get to know a candidate, so why devote energy to a flawed system?

interviewing alternatives“Tossing a coin has as good a chance of finding the right person as the more lugubrious process of weeding through resumes and sitting through hours of painful interviews,” writes entrepreneur and Willful Blindness author Margaret Heffernan. Interviewing alternatives are sorely needed, since the best way to determine a new hire’s effectiveness is always her on-the-job performance.

Even once the verdict is in, months after hiring, “we cannot accept that we got it wrong,” since we’ve invested so much time interviewing and vetting the candidate. Heffernan recommends investing that time into interviewing alternatives and ignoring traditional, outdated hiring practices. Before dismissing her advice as outlandish, consider the fact that “interviewing people is pretty outrageous, too: time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally taxing.” Your time is valuable, so try innovating instead of interviewing.