International Expansion: Think Globally Now

by Inc.

Before launching your first product, be sure your company has a plan in place for international expansion. Thinking globally now will ensure your business is ready later.

international expansionMinda Zetlin of Inc. says startups should consider international expansion right away, even if “you don’t have your first customer yet.” Being prepared for expansion into other countries sets “you up for greater flexibility and much faster growth.”

To help get her point across, Zetlin lists four reasons to devise an international expansion strategy from your company’s inception. She points out that if your first language is English, you’re already at an advantage internationally, since it’s “firmly entrenched as the language of the global marketplace.” Also, designing your product with global adaptability now will prevent you from having to overhaul it over and over as it reaches customers in other parts of the world. Perhaps most importantly is that planning for international expansion positions you to grow very fast – and that’s something every entrepreneur wants.