Inspire and Challenge: Learn the Best Leadership Qualities

by Fast Company

Discover some of the best leadership qualities from an expert who’s studied leaders for 30 years.

best leadership qualitiesDrake Baer of Fast Company interviewed Jim Kouzes, co-author of The Leadership Challenge, to discover what the best leadership qualities are and what makes a good CEO. Kouzes points out that the toughest, never-ending part of leading “is always to make extraordinary things happen, whether you’re in healthcare or tech.”

Leaders need to inspire their employees, create satisfaction in meeting daily challenges, and “to make sure that [they] keep that challenge at a high enough level so that people are feeling stretched but not so high that they feel frightened.” The best leadership qualities involve inspiring others, but to have a real effect, the leader has to be genuine in this reciprocal relationship. After all, Kouzes says, “if I’m going to build a great company, I have to be exemplary at building relationships with other people. They have to want to follow me.”