Insight: Follow Tech Influencers on Twitter to Stay Ahead

by Mashable

tech influencersGain insight into where the web is moving by following the top tech influencers on Twitter. Use this list of ten top minds in tech to get started.

“Technology is constantly evolving,” writes Marc Georges of Mashable, “and it can be tough to keep on top of this ever-shifting landscape.” To help you stay in the loop, Georges presents the Twitter accounts of ten of the top tech influencers on the scene. “Some are academics, other are technologists or former journalists,” Georges says, “but all of these though leaders share their insights on the changing world of tech.” Getting the top spot is John Perry Barlow, who Georges lists as a “Grateful Dead lyricist, Harvard fellow, technology advocate,” as well as “one of the founding members of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.” Rounding out the list is writer Dave Winer, former editor at Wired magazine, who “developed the first iterations of what we now consider some of the major building blocks of the web.” Consult the list and start following these tech influencers today.