Innovative Job Creation through Disruption, Not Efficiency

by TechCrunch

Disruption is the key to innovative job creation. Improving efficiency only destroys jobs, says business thinker Clayton Christensen.

Rip Emerson of TechCrunch recently saw Harvard Business School professor and author Clayton Christensen speak about innovative job creation at BoxWorks in San Francisco. Emerson reports that Christensen’s work has “had a profound influence on many thinkers and business leaders, including Steve Jobs.”

Christensen’s talk at BoxWorks “ranged across the board, touching on theories of disruptive innovation, effective management, product development, and customer interaction.” He reminds startups that “developers need to build for the jobs people are trying to accomplish,” and that “the real disruptive power of the cloud…is that it makes it exceedingly easy for SMBs to accomplish their business tasks more affordably and efficiently.” Christensen is concerned, however, that “the current focus across tech on efficiency is succeeding in destroying jobs.” Innovative job creation comes from disruption, “whereas efficiency innovations destroy them.”

Photo by: Miguel