Innovative Entrepreneurship Tips to Conquer Tough Times

by Inc.

innovative entrepreneurshipLet adversity drive your spirit of innovative entrepreneurship instead of pushing you toward the exit. Get three tips on how to stay focused through difficult times.

Vanessa Merit Nornberg, founder of Metal Mafia, writes in Inc. that in order to keep your spirit of innovative entrepreneurship alive and well, you need to abandon any preconceived notions of “a beautiful ‘eureka’ moment after which everything would somehow be smooth sailing.” Nornberg recommends casting a more realistic eye on your business, and admitting that “this perfection” you’re striving for is “not only unlikely to happen, but probably very boring to experience.” Instead, she lists three tips to help you “regain perspective.”

Nornberg suggests focusing on the “evolution” of human resources and learning about “the constantly-evolving nature of staff dynamics” as you hire new employees and lose old ones. She also wants you to realize that moments of adversity are what bring out your spirit of innovative entrepreneurship because they force you “to think outside the box and find alternatives and fail-safes.”