Innovation Strategies for Businesses Big and Small

by Fast Co. Design

The smarter giants are promoting a startup mentality with their innovation strategies. Learn how you can, too.

innovation strategies

Soren Kaplan, consultant and founder of Leapfrogging Alliance, knows that “big companies get a bad rap when it comes to” innovation strategies. By “applying startup strategies and tools to jump-start innovation,” however, big companies are starting to get their act together.

“It’s about being lean, focused, and maniacally strategic,” Kaplan says in Fast Co. Design, and he points to Intuit’s “multi-day ‘lean start-ins’ that gather ‘intrapreneurs’ together from across the company” as one example of a big company adapting to spur innovation. Kaplan maintains that “big companies that behave like small startups focus” on two innovation strategies: their ability to “accelerate the speed of innovation” like a Silicon Valley incubator, and their model of giving internal teams an outside-in perspective, “similar to the type of reality-checking that comes from advisory boards or venture capitalists.” He then provides four innovation strategies that “anyone can use to start-up, start in, or jump-start their innovation.”