Innovation Culture: How to Cultivate and Sustain It

by Xconomy

Learn how to inspire an innovation culture at your company and how to maintain it.

innovation culture

Shellye Archambeau, CEO of MetricStream, shares a few tips on how to cultivate an innovation culture in a post at Xconomy.

First, Archambeau says, “establish a clear vision that inspires and excites.” She points to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos as examples of “tech powerhouses” that may not specifically state innovation in their goals but still have visions “designed to ignore people’s imagination and passion.” Next, “empower people to innovate” by “providing all employees with a sense of ownership in the forward direction and growth of the company” and letting them make big decisions.

Be sure to encourage “calculated risk taking” at the same time, and always “reward and recognize people and teams” for their accomplishments. Sustaining your innovation culture takes focus as well, so Archambeau recommends that you “never settle” and keep “looking for opportunities to differentiate” your company from the competition.