Innovation: 10 Keys to Walking the Walk

by Fast Company

Innovation is a word that gets heavy rotation in the boardroom, but when it comes down to it there’s often very little time devoted to actually making it happen.

For the majority of employees, much of their time is taken up by their established day-to-day roles and to-do lists, leaving little, if any, time to think outside the box. As Aaron Shapiro, CEO of Huge, puts it in a post for Fast Company, the reality is innovation has been more or less regulated to the weekends.

Yet with innovation and adaptability now more important than ever, Shapiro argues, it’s crucial for companies to find ways to “overcome the structural impediments and time constraints to real change by approaching innovation from two directions: outside-in and inside-out.”

For more established companies, what he means by “outside-in” is actually creating a skunkworks project, a division of sorts kept separate from the restrictive bureaucracy and structure of the organization. For the “inside-in” approach, he points out three crucial ingredients necessary for existing staff to “be revolutionary” within their existing positions, including freedom to fail, free time, and training. For Shapiro’s full recipe for making innovation happen now, read the full post here.

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