Innovate Your Workplace: How to Encourage Your Employees to Disrupt Their Jobs

by Harvard Business Review

There’s always room for continuous rapid improvement — in fact, today’s competitive marketplace requires it. Every day your employees are engaged in processes they could likely improve if given the proper capabilities and motivation.

“The benefits of the front-line driving improvements include pride of ownership that sustains the changes, less worry for managers about whether the changes will be adopted, and reduced costs for outside consultants,” writes Brad Power in a post for the HBR Blog Network. But is it really possible to “create the conditions where workers will disrupt or even eliminate their jobs and the jobs of co-workers?”

According to Power, in order to foster an environment that encourages disruptive innovation rather than fearing it, CEO and executive management should do three things: 1) protect the downside by demonstrating a commitment to employee development and continued employment; 2) protect the upside by linking company improvements to employee benefits such as profit sharing or promotions; 3) share the big picture in order to generate greater individual buy-in and develop a greater overall sense of urgency. Your employees will get your company to where it needs to go — make them a part of the journey, accordingly.

Read Power’s full post for more advice on how you can encourage employees to disrupt their jobs and drive innovation.

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