Infographic: Top Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Site

by KISS Metrics

It’s one thing to get a potential customer to visit your website. It’s quite another to get them to stay there.

Have you found that your site’s visitors are leaving in droves? This is  usually a byproduct of poor user experience and web design. According to a recent infographic posted by, people often leave due to a mix of design flaws within a website.

So what turns visitors off most about a website? The infographic notes that a high volume of conspicuous ads can be a big issue. If your content-to-ad ratio is strongly imbalanced toward advertising, there’s a good chance you’ll disenchant a lot of your visitors.

Forcing people to fill out pop-up prompts and sign up for newsletters is another big turn-off. And there are certainly others. For more reasons why people leave websites, check out the entire infographic over at the KISSmetrics.