Infographic: A Look Back at 27 Years of .Com Domains

by Mashable

Do you know what the first registered .com domain name was?

If you guessed, you’re correct. A lot of domains have been registered since then. In fact, a single 24-hour period on March 11 provided enough time for about 100,000 .com registrations, according to an infographic found on Mashable.

The infographic also reveals that there are 100 million registered .com domains around today. That’s a lot. And some of the most profitable of them prove that sex still sells; and are the second and fourth most expensive domain names today, respectively. For more on the history of .com domains, read the full article by Matt Silverman.

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  • While the web and the growth of .COM sites shows a push of COMpany information in the new internet medium, Another interesting statistic is the growth of Blogs, which, like OpenView’s blog here, have created a two-way dialog. The rate of our collective knowledge sharing has exponentially increased through the starting of blogs and the democratization of information sharing for any and every one.

    Underlying this two-way exchange, is a whole platform of web services, that has created new and never-before fathomed business ideas – also interesting to OpenView ! That’s another topic. 😉
    Check out: which is the WordPress dynamic stats page. There is an interactive map, showing the push of content (one way), and the comment stream (two ways back to author, and forward to commenter’s networks).  It’s quite powerful to think that this kind of exchange did not happen 10 years, or even 5 years ago.
    Wordpress says they have 72,188,069 blogs registered, and that accounts for about half the world’s blogs (Add Blogger, TypePad, and others, to get the full number. I can’t find the source so I won’t rely on my memory, but the number of blogs started a day is another huge number to the .com’s registered.