Influencer Marketing Made Easy: 7 Tips and Tools

by Mashable

What’s one of the best ways to reach a target audience? Through the influencers they’re already engaging with.

That’s why influencer marketing is so key to any digital marketing effort. But the process of identifying, connecting with, and keeping track of influencers can be extremely time consuming. Luckily, Michoel Ogince, director of platform and product strategy at social media agency Big Fuel, has put together a list of influencer marketing automation tools and tips for making it all more manageable in this guest post for Mashable.

The first step in engaging with your audience’s influencers is identifying them, and companies tight on time and/or resources should look to “influencer identification platforms SocMetricsTraackr, and Appinions, which optimize the identification process and improve workflow efficiency,” Ogince writes.

Once they’ve been identified, the next step is connecting with the influencers, which Ogince advises should take place “at least four weeks in advance of the campaign” and should involve you asking them questions about the type of content and delivery the influencer prefers/has had the most success with. For more influencer marketing tools and advice, read Ogince’s full post at Mashable.