Who Should You Really Be Targeting with Your Influencer Marketing?

by Mashable

For the majority of B2B companies, it’s not reaching the most people that’s important so much as it’s reaching the right people. And as it turns out, those right people may not be who you think they are.

Enter influencer marketing. But as Josh Catone writes for Mashable, “while most marketers agree that reaching influencers is important, they question how to measure influence and how to determine the most influential people online in the first place. Are you influential if you reach a massive number of followers? Or is it more about reaching small groups of highly targeted individuals?”

Luckily, influence marketing firm Crowdtap is on the case and has created a terrific infographic illuminating the issue with the results from a recent study conducted by the firm. As it turns out “people are influenced by those they actually know more than by popular figures or brands they may follow. In other words, it’s not a numbers game — influence spreads across close-knit networks of actual friends.”

For brands, that means an influencer marketing strategy focused on blasting out content via widely followed individuals may not be as effective as finding ways to enable customers to easily share and recommend content with their immediate connections. For more insight, see the full infographic below.