Influence Marketing: How to Get Started

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Influ­ence mar­ket­ing is a prac­tice where you focus on tar­get­ing and build­ing rela­tion­ships with key indi­vid­u­als who have influ­ence over your tar­get seg­ment ­— and ide­ally your tar­get buyers.

influence marketing

influence marketing

Editor’s note: This post is a part of a series that was created to help you define and build the practice of influencer marketing into your company. This series will walk you through the process, necessary roles, and best practices to get started with influencer marketing quickly and effectively.

You can also download a the complete series in the form of our free eBook, The Value of Influence: The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing.

If you apply the proper resources and effort toward it, your influencer marketing program can be up and running within a few weeks; after that, you’ll also have to allow additional time for the relationships to develop. This series contains a number of documents that will help the people in each role perform their activities relatively quickly.

For the CEO/Executive Team

Checklist for the CEO/Executive Team

For the Senior Sponsor (e.g., marketing VP or marketing manager)

Checklist for the Senior Sponsor
Quickstart Guide for the Senior Sponsor, which includes:

  • Determine the Targets and Goals — Helps you set the strategy
  • Develop the Pitch: Messaging and Positioning – How to develop your pitch
  • Build a Content Strategy – How to develop your story
  • The Influencer App – How to create a system to track your progress
  • Hire an Influencer Relations Specialist — How to find the right person for the job
  • Train Your Influencer Relations Specialist — Key training considerations
  • Manage the Process ­­­— How to measure against SMART goals
  • Market To Influencers, Through Influencers, and With Influencers – Action steps for making the most out of your relationships
  • Check and Reflect on a Daily, Weekly, and Quarterly Basis – Review the successes and failures
  • Sample Reports ­– Share your results
  • Influencer Marketing Legal Considerations – Things to know about testimonials and endorsements

For the Influencer Relations Specialist

Checklist for the Influencer Relations Specialist
Quickstart Guide for the Influencer Relations Specialist, which includes:

  • Prepare and Train — Preliminary steps for getting started
  • Identify Influencers — How to find the people you should be targeting
  • Create Influencer Personas – Segment your influencers
  • Build the Database — Questions to ask of influencers
  • Prioritize the Targets — How to narrow down your list
  • Market To Influencers, Through Influencers, and With Influencers — Action steps for making the most out of your relationships

Further Information

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