A Whole Lot of Precious Face Time: How to Increase Customer Face Time and Boost Your Sales

by The Sales Blog

Don’t let your day-to-day duties eat into your time with customers.

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Attending pipeline and forecast meetings, sitting in on coaching and training calls, updating your sales force automation, completing your digital paperwork, responding to countless email request each day. These are all necessary tasks, but add them all up and the result is a giant drain on your day. “At some point, writes S. Anthony Iannarino, “your company’s demands on your time can outweigh your client’s demands on your time…. If you are in your office in a meeting, you can’t also be sitting in a face-to-face meeting with your client. Nor can you be making prospecting calls.”

In order to spend more of your time focusing on the function you were hired for — your title has the word “sales” in it, correct? — Iannarino offers four tips for protecting your customer-facing time from encroaching day-to-day duties. For starters, “don’t waste your time doing your digital paperwork at the office, Iannarino advsies. “Do it after hours, and do it from home.” Iannarino also suggests only opening and responding to email twice a day — preferably once at 10am and again at 4pm. “You don’t have to be always available by email,” he writes. “It steals your time, and much of your email is information that doesn’t require your attention. It’s mostly just ‘for your information.'”

Read Iannarino’s full post on The Sales Blog for more tips on increasing your customer face time and boosting your sales, accordingly.

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