The Inbound Marketing Process: A Start-to-Finish Infographic

by Social Media Today

For many companies, inbound marketing may increasingly becoming the name of the game for lead generation, but remind me again, what are the rules and how do you play?

Biserka Anderson, Content Marketer at Brightfire, a UK-based inbound marketing company, is used to answering questions about inbound marketing, even the tough ones about the likes of sales funnel integration, web analytics, and social ROI. In a guest post for Social Media Today, Anderson provides clear run-down of the inbound marketing process in its entirety with the help of a handy infographic from IMPACT Branding & Design. See the excerpt below.

To view the full infographic, which breaks the inbound marketing process into six steps, including tips on how to generate more web traffic and convert traffic into leads and leads into sales, read Anderson’s full post here.


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  • Jon Nugent

    Our company uses inbound marketing to generate leads but our sales strategy combines emails and phone calls that encourages prospects to schedule a meeting with a sales person.

    All prospects continue through a sequence of messages until they convert, request not be contacted or the campaign ends. The strategy was developed by MarketingSherpa and the first email mostly warms up prospects for a follow up call after they’ve downloaded a white paper.

    True to the case study’s premise, phone calls drive conversions. We call 6 times and have a workflow of automated emails using HubSpot’s marketing automation software that drives content to prospects. The content includes top of the funnel white papers to bottom of the funnel case studies and pricing information.

    We have found that inbound marketing works to generate leads but not close sales. We also found that if you do not call prospects, someone else will and they will have the conversation with the prospect.