In Boston’s War for Talent Startups Are Winning

by Xconomy

war for talentIt’s all fair in love and war. Startups and established companies in Boston are locked in a war for talent, and tech startups are gaining the upper hand.

“Over the past year or two, the competition for talent has hit a fever pitch in the Boston area and across the country,” writes Gregory T. Huang at Xconomy. In Boston’s war for talent, “a fair number of experienced tech execs from established, bigger companies have joined startups that are looking to grow quickly,” Huang reports, and those executives “have joined as employees, not founders.” This trend means that startups are now seen as a part of a stable, viable career path, instead of just something exciting to jump into right out of school. Can the startup truly be a part of a strong career foundation, or, as Huang worries, could it be “2000 all over again?”